Life, the Universe… And Apathy

Well, I keep meaning to make a post here, and in the last couple months, that evil, evil thing called Life keeps interfering. Work. More work. A broken car. A brand new car. Sickness. (Summer colds are THE worst, especially when combined with seasonal allergies.) House issues. (I hate plumbing!)
So I finally, Finally begin work on a re-write of the T20 Gateway to Adventure setting this afternoon; some things there really bother me, and I’ve other details I want to add. Things start well.
Then I receive a text. A favorite Aunt, who’s been battling stage four cancer, has been airlifted to a hospital.

I shall return when life lets me do so.

One thought on “Life, the Universe… And Apathy

  1. I posted every day for my first three years with Life happening, good, bad and really bad. I implore you to dive in, I am not special, you can do it too.


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