I Sometimes Miss the GURPS System

#gurps #fantasy #gurpsfantasy #runemage #roleplay

Specifically, I miss playing my old Runemage.

We were a party of adventurers in Gurps’ Yrth magic world setting, defending a Viking-esque plains town (Herdis) from a horde of orcs. 500 civilians, 150 who could fight, and 5 players. My PC was a Viking runemage, originally from the true Earth, where magic didn’t work. On Yrth it worked quite well for him…

The orc horde was across a small river, attempting to get across. A pair of towers with a drawbridge was their only easy, close access. At one point, after several forays, they were about to succeed in pulling down the drawbridge, allowing the horde to assault the walls. If this happened we were in serious trouble. There were thousands of them!

So my runemage, he pulled out three runes, concentrated for a bit, then released a spell.

Earthquake, centered on the drawbridge towers. I built it up as strong as possible before releasing it.

It took down both towers, and the drawbridge. AND killed around 800 Orcs, we estimated.

It was a good day, and a good campaign.

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