T5 Has Arrived!

I’ve been “rather busy” the past few weeks, so I haven’t been keeping up on my planned posts. Too much yard work, too many minor house repairs.

But today changes that, as my order for the latest Traveller release has arrived! (The fact it’s snowing helps, as well…)

As is usual with Marc Miller/FFE products, the quality is excellent. I’ve been reading and using the PDF files since they were released, but nothing satisfies like a book in the hand…

Sorry for the lousy pic; my phone’s camera lens is badly scratched; I need to get that replaced soon… Glad I have full replacement coverage! But I ramble.

Now, to get reading, and get to work on Traveller projects! Anyone in the Minneapolis area looking for a game soon? I’ll even run.

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3 thoughts on “T5 Has Arrived!

  1. Wish I were there! Next-best thing would be if you were to share any quick-start or GM References you might produce. I confess that 1,000 pages of rules are more than a little daunting at my age, to say the least. Meanwhile my brand new books just sit here looking pretty.

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    1. Not sure how much I’ll get done in that regards; I only have my phone and a REALLY old tablet to work on, so putting anything graphics or file related online is a chore.
      I mainly plan to continue/restart work on my Dumarest-style campaign, and maybe “fix” some glaring problems.(in my eyes, anyway, lol) with the T20 Gateway setting.


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