T5 Book 1 Errata

I first published this in my T5 Discussion Group, on the social media platform MeWe.

This is a list of typos I have found in my first read through the printed books. I’m sure this list isn’t complete, and almost every one I spotted is very minor.

P 36, 3rd paragraph, 3rd line: Missing a period.

P 36, 3rd paragraph, 4th line: The comma after ‘match’ should be a period.

P 90 SHIP SHARES TABLE: Free Trader is listed as being ‘on loan’. I think this is actually supposed to apply to the Yacht…

P 134 Knowledge Example in column 2, on top:
The example in the text lists the character receiving only one (1) level of Knowledge in M-Drives from ANM School. ANM School provides TWO skill levels. So the example should reflect a total of 4 skill points, not 3.

P 137 under Animal Trainer skill: The two task examples are both listed as Difficult, but the first one lists only a 2D roll. Either the number or the stated difficulty is incorrect. My hunch is the number is wrong.

P 141 Broker Skill, column 2:
“Broker is a Mod (equals half Broker skill, rounded up) on the Actual Value Table (to a maximum of Broker-4).”
This wording is unclear. Is the maximum skill you can use equal to Broker-4 (and thus +2), or the max bonus?
Based on previous game versions, I’m going with a max bonus of +4 (assuming Broker-7 or greater).

P 145 Dancer Skill:
“To identify a dance by ethnic or regional origin
Hopeless (6D) < Edu + Dancer +
Dancer skill is optional (but helpful)”
Dancer Skill should be in brackets, as it is optional, not Dance Fame.

P 148 Explosives: A blank line is missing between the two task examples.

P 148 Fighter: Under ‘Fighter is a default skill’.
“Most people are able to engage of a fight” should read “engage IN a fight”.

P 150 Forward Observer: Under ‘Interaction of the FO and the Gunner”.
‘A Forward Observer is useful if’.
There should be a colon (:) after if.

P 151 Gambler: 1st sentence: “Gambler (Gambling) is skill in variety…” Should read “skill in A variety…”

P 160 Seafarer: There should be a blank line between the end of the Sapper section and Seafarer.

P 166-167 The following listings need a period at the end of its sentence.
Archeology; Biology; Chemistry; History; Linguistics; Philosophy; Physics; Planetology; Robotics; and Sophontology.

P 168 Talents
The sentence at the top of the page is missing a period.

P 169 Hypno Talent: Column 2, top:
“Hypno interacts with non-player characters find answers to questions and to force compliance or action.”
This sentence is vaguely worded/muddled, as written.
“Interacts with non-player characters TO find answers…”

P 169 Intuition:
“Using Talents”: this should be BOLD format.

Last Paragraph, there is a space missing before the last sentence.

Last Sentence: “…a period of at least a month without Talent:Intuition”.
Should read: “…a period of at least a month without USING Talent:Intuition.”

P 171 RAGE Talent
The end of the 1st sentence has a comma, but should be a period.

P 176 Q2 QREBS
On Table, Item #4 Bulk/Burden: needs a period.

P 206 “The Tactics Mode”
In the example under The Tactics Mod Grant on page 207, it lists the Sergeant’s Tactics Mod as “14”. Either this is a typo, or the Tactics Mod also includes a pc’s Edu score – which is highly unlikely, as anyone he assisted would rarely miss!
The Mod in this example should be 6.

P 208
Under the Combat Example for “Immediate Action”, column 1, paragraph 3, it reads, “At the same time, the group’s Communicator has hit once…”
Replace ‘has’ with WAS.

That’s it! It’s obvious (to me, anyway ? ) the sections with more charts were more carefully edited and proofread.

There may be mistakes in the charts, but it will likely take gameplay to find them…

I hope this helps someone out there! If you find others which I have missed, please let me know in the comments.

Have a great day, play some Traveller (or other board game/RPG), and Keep On Travelling!

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