Busy Busy Busy!

Go figure; people get busy around the Holidays. šŸ¤”

I made a short list of gaming projects I intend to complete, later if not sooner, and the list isn’t “too” long… Or so it seems. Reality, of course, may have other ideas about that.

  • Complete the search for Traveller5 errata (I have yet to do this for books 2 and 3; I’ve read most of each, but that’s it so far).
  • Continue working on my “Doldrums” setting for Traveller5 (based heavily on the Dumarest book series).
  • Create a new fantasy setting, for use with the FATE rules. Naturally, such a project will never be “done”. Especially if one sucks at graphics (like, say, me).
  • Set up the FATE rules for that setting.
  • I’m (slowly) creating a list of new or replacement Acquired Secrets, for the Traveller5 character generation rules.
  • I have a blog post in the works for adding human Mutations in T5.
  • I have another post about ‘breakpoints’ in the Official Traveller Universe; points in the timeline where the history could have turned out drastically different. (This one will take some time to research…)

That’s everything that I have (or think I have) in the works, for now, anyway. Now that I’ve gotten some other things caught up, I should be able to ‘catch up’ with things I wish to accomplish.

Stay tuned!

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