Doldrums – Back to Basics

Well, it’s been a busy, hectic couple of weeks, filled with medical issues (my wife is better now, improving daily. 😊) Meanwhile my Doldrums setting has been percolating in my head…


I’ve decided to NOT mess with Traveller’s standard jump drive times for this setting. I realize now the added hassles of changing ship components, performance, and the like, are a little too much to deal with. That, and those changes really wouldn’t add much to game play, or how the setting feels… so back to “normal” it is.


I have five subsectors generated at this point. Unfortunately, I still haven’t had my camera replaced, so the maps can’t be shared currently. I plan to hit the local library soon, and use one of their scanners. Once I do, I’ll post them.


By far, the most… “interesting” world I rolled at this point is a world I named ‘Heaven’. One individual on another forum had a one word response when I posted some details. TERRIFYING.

It is a fitting response. Heaven is anything but: a smallish world (Size=5), very thin atmosphere (Atmo= 3), 102 BILLION people (yikes!), under a religious dictatorship. Normally a system with this many people would be seeking other planets, if only to reduce crowding at home, but they haven’t, and the explanation is simple: with over 100 billion people they don’t have any spare resources for such endeavors. Their religion may prevent this as well; to attain that large a citizen base, the religion is likely based on “free love”, as well as strict prohibitions against ending lives (born or otherwise). At least, that’s how I’m setting it up currently.

But there’s always a chance for a religious schism to occur. If one does, look out…

As always, thank you for reading, and Keep on Travelling!

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