Sidelining the Doldrums Setting; Real Life Sucks

Call it what you will: laziness or boredom… Neither of these truly apply, of course.
My wife’s breast cancer has returned, this time located as one spot on her liver, and several spots on her spine. It was noticed early again, and the treatment routine won’t be as heavy, lengthy, or debilitating as it was two+ years ago. Or so we hope.

With this “little” development, something has to give; I have other projects drawing my attention away, when I have time for them. My “Doldrums” setting is one of those projects which will be put on hold, alas.

I have a good basis for my “T5 Magic System” conversion in place (an entirely in-house system; it won’t be published as anything other than a fan system). This little project has sucked my attention lately; it’s even managed to continue percolating in my brain as we deal with this cancer issue, so I continue to grind away at it. With a few more kinks worked out, I may be able to create something usable in a week or two.

Stay tuned. And wish us luck (or good doctors). We’ll get through this.

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