Goals for 2020

Well, another New Year is upon us, and it is time for the obligatory “new years goals” post, and review of the past year.

2019 Sucked Eggs

I would love to say 2019 was a success; I got this blog restarted after the shutdown of Google+, and it has drawn a tiny bit of interest, which is better than I expected, frankly. Here’s hoping people will continue to find something of use or interest in these ramblings.

Unfortunately, news on the home front wasn’t so great, as the wife’s cancer has returned after a two-plus year hiatus. But the doctors are on it, and treatments have begun. I reside in the great state of Minnesota, where we have some of the best doctors and researchers in the world, so things should get better.

2020 Goals

As to goals for this blog for 2020, I plan to post “A System A Day”, generating a random Traveller5 world to fill a large region of space. The entire setting will be somewhat random, with intelligent non-humans being extremely rare, greatly varied technology levels, a hard ship size limit (“Small Ship Universe”), and no large empires. I’m sure I won’t be able to keep that sort of pace up, a system a day (real life just isn’t forgiving, right?), but I’ll try to post at least 300 systems by year’s end.

I have abandoned my futile efforts to adapt the new T5/Traveller5 rules for use with a fantasy setting. Normal skills and tasks aren’t an issue. The problem was creating a magic system which wasn’t too cumbersome. I realize I have been distracted by issues at home, so maybe when things improve something will come to mind. Until then (if ever), I’ll look for another system to utilize.


Here’s to a successful and prosperous New Year for everyone!

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