System of the Day #1 – Heaven

Here is the first of my (hopefully) daily posts with newly generated Traveller systems. My goal is to publish a random system each day in 2020. I’ll be utilizing various online random generators for names (I suck at developing names), but most everything else will be done with dice. Only the main world for each system will be named, except in rare cases, where something interesting pops up.


Heaven is a system I first rolled for my now-defunct Doldrums setting. However, the system is too interesting to abandon, so I am ‘repurposing’ it for my new (as yet unnamed) setting.

Orbit – Components – Notes

Primary F2V Main Sequence Star

1 X400000-0

2 X770000-0 1 moon

3 X200000-0

100D Jump Limit

4 H40056B-8 Pr Mi

5 HEAVEN B735BDG-A Hi In 2 moons

6 H00036B-9 As Lo

7 F59786B-9 1 moon

8 X346000-0 Fr

9 F00076B-9 As Na

10 X310000-0

11 G00066B-8 As Na


The world now called Heaven was named before the system was colonized, millenia ago. The religious colonists were destined for a newly-discovered garden world. Unfortunately their fleet misjumped severely, arriving at this less than ideal world. With most of the fleet heavily damaged, they were forced to settle here. At least the world was marginally habitable. They kept the name Heaven for their new home, praying for the best.

With religious rules forbidding the use of contraceptives, and a “free love” mindset, Heaven’s population skyrocketed. It’s population currently exceeds 102 BILLION people, all human. The world’s religious leadership has always struggled to provide sufficient resources for its burgeoning populace, especially housing and food.

When space technology was redeveloped, several worlds, including Heaven’s two moons, were colonized, to gain much needed resources, and to relieve some population pressure. The resources helped. The extra room didn’t, as these worlds are less than ideal for long-term habitation. One is now used as a prison, the inmates mining for iron and minerals. All three planetoid belts are being exploited, with several large colony habitats being established. The farthest belt in Orbit #11 has only been settled in the last two decades, and is still being surveyed.

Heaven’s religious leadership has never really considered expansion into, or conquest of, other nearby systems. Their religion forbids causing direct harm to others, which conquest would certainly inflict, and they just don’t have any extra resources for such campaigns.

Religious schisms do exist within the society; with a population of over 100 Billion, they can’t be avoided or easily suppressed. However, it is unlikely the religious government will be overthrown anytime soon.


This system was generated by hand, using the Traveller5 rules. Feel free to use them in your own campaigns, but please do not publish them for profit, nor without obtaining prior permission. Thank you!

As always, comments and input are appreciated. Keep on Travelling!

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