System of the Day #5 – Harge

This is my fifth hand-generated “System of the Day” using the Traveller5 rules. My goal is to publish one random system per day in 2020. All die rolls are made with a set of dice I have owned for over 30 years.


Harge E750100-3 Lo Ho De PBG= 930


Harge is a hot desert world. It was settled in past ages by various colonist groups. However most found the world conditions too hostile to remain, and departed.

A few small family groups remained on Harge, surviving as only they knew how. They survive as best they can, scavenging for resources, harvesting the few edible, wild plants which manage to survive. There are even a few edible animals, which surprisingly are fairly easy to capture, and can provide much of their dietary needs. Water is extremely scarce, as can be imagined, but it can be found – if you know where to look. They have become quite adept at hiding and disguising the small watering holes they know of.

With fewer than 100 (known) people remaining on Harge, there are the usual problems and dangers – lack of (especially) water, food, inbreeding, etc. Trade goods are difficult for them to obtain, as they produce almost nothing, and there is little of value in areas they can easily reach.
The few people on nearby worlds who are aware of their precarious existence would provide assistance – if only the locals would accept it; they are fiercely independent, and ferociously paranoid. When these facts are combined with other factors (lack of trade resources, no easy source of starship fuel, etc), it may only be a couple generations before this small society dies out.


System Data

Orbit – Item – UWP

P Primary A8 Ib No other stars

1 InfernoWorld X9B1000-0 Fl

2 RadWorld XAA3000-0 Fl

3 InnerWorld X100000-0

4 InnerWorld X596000-0 Ho

5 BigWorld XC95000-0 Ho 1 Moon

9 ————————- Jump Limit

10 HARGE E750100-3 De Ho Lo

11 Belt X000000-0 HZ

12 Belt X000000-0

13 IceWorld X686000-0 Fr 1 Moon

14 Belt X000000-0


Astute readers of science fiction may recognize this system name, and rightly so. This name was unashamedly borrowed from a great series which Heavily influenced the Traveller RPG – The Dumarest Saga, written by E. C. Tubb from 1967 to 2008.
I make no claim to this name; I am only using it for this home brew setting.


This system was generated by hand, using the Traveller5 rules. Feel free to use them in your own campaigns, but please do not publish them for profit, nor without obtaining prior permission. Thank you!

As always, comments and input are appreciated. Keep on Travelling!

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