System of the Day #19 – Ragould

D47A554-9 Ni Wa PBG= 601
Ix= -2 Ex= 9451 RU= 180 Cx= 7328

Ragould may reside on the main interstellar trade routes, but you might never realize it. The immense distances a starship must travel due to the massive primary star’s extremely distant Jump Limit prevents easy, quick access to Jump Space; a ship must travel an absolute minimum of 69.15 Million kilometers, and usually much, much farther, to reach the world’s orbit. What makes this distance even more daunting for space travel is the jump point lies far beyond the 10 Diameter limit for efficient operation of standard maneuver (M) drives, working at 1% efficiency (or less). It takes an extremely talented Astrogator, and/or massive computing power, to make these incredibly difficult calculations, as well as a lot of patience.

It’s not surprising the system is isolated, and rarely visited by merchants and travellers.

Because of these factors the world’s produce (dried fish, various plants, and minerals extracted from seawater) is shipped on scheduled runs from other nearby systems, using large, efficient ships. The time delays involved preclude the sale and shipment of fresh product. This is unfortunate, as several local varieties of marine life are highly prized by the region’s top chefs and restaurants. This has, however, made the world a minor destination for rich “foodie” tourists in the region – those who have plenty of free time anyway.

Folgone, in the system’s sixth orbit, has been settled by an industrous group, who are attempting to slowly planetform the world. Due to the distances involved in reaching this orbit they receive few visitors, but are known to be welcoming, especially to traders. However, they do not produce any unique or valuable products, and the costs associated with travel to this distant interior world means few, if any, merchants are willing to make the long journey.

Tynar, in the system’s fourth orbit, is the ‘remains’ of a failed mining endeavor. Essentially abandoned by their company (it ran out of cash and credit), these miners have worked to maintain their systems. Reports indicate they are still working their mines, and may have significant stores of partially processed ores available for sale to any vessel willing to make the trip. Whether there is enough potential profit in the long journey is a complicating factor, and it’s been months, at least, since the last ship reportedly made the effort.

NOTE: All three world names [Ragould, Folgone, Tynar] are from the Dymarest Saga, by E. C. Tubb. These names are borrowed as an Homage to that great series, and will only be used in an unpublished homebrew RPG setting.

System Details
Orbit – Item/Name – UWP
P Primary Star M6 II

0 Inferno Y6B2000-0 Tz Ho

1 BigWorld YFDA000-0 Ho Oc

2 Inferno Y875000-0 Ho 1 moon

3 StormWorld YBF7000-0 Ho

4 Tynar Y798420-7 Ho Mi

5 RadWorld Y99A000-0 Ho Wa 1 moon

6 Folgone H73349C-6 Ni 1 moon

7 BigWorld YBD5000-0 Ho 1 moon

9 RadWorld Y610000-0

10 LGG Size= P (26) HZ 1 moon

11 RAGOULD D47A554-9 Co Ni Wa

13 ———- Jump Limit ———-

This is my 19th hand-generated “System of the Day” using the Traveller5 rules. My goal is to publish one random system per day in 2020.
This system was generated by hand with a set of dice I have owned for over 30 years, using the Traveller5 rules. Feel free to use this system in your own campaigns, but please do not publish them for profit, nor publish without obtaining prior permission. Thank you!

As always, comments and input are appreciated. Keep On Travelling!

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