System of the Day #25 – Brammadotta

C76A5A7-C Ni Wa PBG= 601
Ix= 0 Ex= B481 RU= 352 Cx= 256C
Brammadotta has seen its share of turbulence and upheaval in the last century. The government here has almost always been some form of Dictatorship, which has led to many problems in the past (long term disruption/corruption, economic upheaval, low level insurrections, and waves of violence). The current Dictator had seen enough.

This “new” Dictator (he took power thirty years ago) orchestrated a bloodless coup, ousting the previous, incompetent leader (who everyone believed was ruining the economy). He then placed the deposed leader and his supporters into permanent exile, sending them to a new penal colony, located on a barely habitable world in the close companion star’s second orbit – with proper support, of course. These exiles have survived and thrived, and by agreement the colony is slated to be given self rule within a decade, the deposed leader having died several years ago (he was well over 100).

In addition, after this coup another group of non-supporters relocated to a distant, habitable world orbiting the system’s farthest companion star. They decided on this course of action, rather than face arrest and exile. Although their new world is much more habitable than the penal colony, they haven’t fared as well up to this point. The colony isn’t in immediate danger, however.

Now that the political and immediate economic issues have been (slowly) resolved, the Dictator is focusing on bringing in outside investors, in a bid to spur growth.
System Details
Orbit – Item/Name – UWP
P Primary Star G1V

0 RadWorld Y100000-0 Tz Va

2 —– Jump Limit —–

3 LGG Size = R (25) 1 moon


4 Close Companion K2V

__0 RadWorld Y330000-0 De Ho

__1 Inferno Y500000-0 Va

__2 InnerWorld G53446A-8 Ni Pe

5 RadWorld Y745000-0 Fr

7 IceWorld Y547000-0 Fr

8 BigWorld YE950000-0 Fr

11 Far Companion K1V

__2 InfernoWorld Y100000-0 Va

__3 Hospitable H584333-7 Lo

__7 BigWorld YAC8000-0 Fl Fr

__10 IceWorld Y310000-0 Fr
This is my 25th hand-generated “System of the Day” using the Traveller5 rules. My goal is to publish one random system per day in 2020.

This system was generated by hand with a set of dice I have owned for over 30 years, using the Traveller5 rules. Feel free to use this system in your own campaigns, but please do not publish them for profit, nor publish without obtaining prior permission. Thank you!

As always, comments and input are appreciated. Keep On Travelling!

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