System of the day #34 – Gokan

C772551-9 He HZ Ni Climate = T PBG= 300
Ix= -1 Ex= 9414 RU= 144 Cx= 2434
Gokan is located off a spur of the local trade routes. It is also a “shortcut” route to reach various important worlds, and thus sees some traffic, although this bypasses a productive trade route. Other than the starport itself, Gokan’s infrastructure leaves much to be desired, and the world is bypassed by most traders; little of value is produced here, other than some minerals and ores. The port itself has no orbital component, other than the usual comm and navigation satellite arrays, plus a handful of cargo and fuel shuttles, which service larger ships which won’t, or can’t, land.

Gokan’s startown is rough, and a known hangout for gangs, fugitives, and even pirates. While piracy can occur in the system, few pirates engage in actual piratical acts near the world, as several local polities conduct occasional anti-piracy sweeps in the system. The startown is an easy place for pirates (and others) to quickly offload ‘hot’ commodities, and those looking for a deal can find them here – if you know who to ask.

In the system’s 4th orbit a small colony was established some years ago. It has slowly increased in size, though it remains rather unimportant. The colony mines some unique gemstones, and has begun limited farming, using imported, heat- and radiation-resistant crops. This effort, while still in the early testing stages, appears to be a success.

This world is also known for a “painted desert” region. Located in the high deserts, it is thousands of square kilometers in size. Wind-swept canyons and rock formations make for beautiful, if dangerous, scenery, and the area is slowly turning into a tourist destination. However, local amenities are slight, and travel is dangerous. Several tourists go missing each season, most of whom are never found. Rather than drive away potential tourists, it seems to be drawing the adventurous, thrill seeking types.

Several groups of refugees, numbering some 10000 or so people, have claimed the system’s 6th planet as “theirs”. Though the world has higher than normal radiation levels, it is otherwise habitable, if rather warm. The world is visited by occasional ships, which never visit the system’s other worlds, and avoid all contact. The purpose of these visits is unknown. Inqueries are met with silent, blank stares from the new inhabitants, who seems to be adapting to local conditions quite easily. Little else is known of their activities.

The distant world in the system’s 14th orbit has only recently been located, though it was known to exist for some time. To this day, it still has not been visited, and the world’s characteristics remain essentially unknown.

System Details
Orbit – Item/Name – UWP
P Primary Star A2V

0 BigWorld YC84000-0 Ho Tz

2 StormWorld Y7A5000-0 Fl Ho

4 Habitable Y450468-7 De Ho Ni

5 —– Jump Limit —–

6 RadWorld YBA4000-5 Wa

7 GOKAN C722551-9 He HZ Ni

8 Worldlet Y310000-0

9 RadWorld Y9BA000-0 Fl Wa

14 IceWorld Y333000-0 Fr 3 moons
This is my 34th hand-generated “System of the Day” using the Traveller5 rules. My goal is to publish one random system per day in 2020.
This world’s name was taken from that great scifi book series, The Dumarest Saga, written by E. C. Tubb, and published from 1967 to 2008. I make no claim to the name; I am only using it as an homage to a series which heavily influenced me (and, according to legend, Traveller itself).
This system was generated by hand with a set of dice I have owned for over 30 years, using the Traveller5 rules. Feel free to use this system in your own campaigns, but please do not publish them for profit, nor publish without obtaining prior permission. Thank you!

As always, comments and input are appreciated. Keep On Travelling!

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