System of the Day #44 – Thermyle

E100799-9 HZ Na Va Climate = T PBG= 802
Ix= -1 Ex= 8653 RU= 720 Cx= 964B
Thermyle was settled ‘millenia’ ago, as a mining world. With time it grew into a full-fledged colony, and eventually gained its independence. Although the mines for which it was settled have mostly played out, other valuable deposits remain. These ores are shipped to other nearby worlds for processing.

Thermyle’s original starport had suffered numerous setbacks in recent centuries, culminating in a seismic quake several years ago, which decimated what remained of its meager facilities. A new, temporary starport has been designated while a search is conducted for a new, safer location.

The cold, but habitable world in the system’s 4th orbit had been established as a minor farming world, providing fresh, rather than imported, food for Thermyle’s residents. The growing season is short, and available land for actual farming is limited, but the world produces more than enough to supplement Thermyle’s needs. Colony leaders are considering an expansion into ranching, and are conducting a search for suitable animal stock, but such plans are on hold, while leadership deals with its starport woes.

In the far companion system, a single world has been settled, though not by choice of the original settlers. A colony ship, en route to another world, suffered a misjump, becoming stranded near this cold, uninhabitable world. A concerted effort to survive led to this group’s heroic survival against the odds. Once they were located, the survivors had decided to remain in place. They do require some occasional support, but are doing their best to make their own way.

System Details
Orbit – Item/Name – UWP
P Primary Star G4V

0 RadWorld Y9CA000-0 Fl

1 Inferno YAC0000-0

2 LGG Size = S (26) Ring 1 moon

3 THERMYLE E100799-9 HZ Na Va

4 Habitable F422654-9 Na Ni

7 RadWorld Y669252-6 Lo Ring 2 moons

9 RadWorld Y431000-0 Ring

13 Far Companion Star MD

__0 Inferno YAC0000-0

__1 LGG Size = Q(24)

__2 Worldlet YP00000-0 Va 3 moons

__3 Worldlet Y102000-0 Ic 1 moon

__4 IceWorld YAB9000-0 Fl 3 moons

__10 IceWorld Y8B8242-4 Lo 1 moon

This is my 44th hand-generated “System of the Day” using the Traveller5 rules. My goal is to publish one random system per day in 2020.
This world’s name was taken from that great scifi book series, The Dumarest Saga, written by E. C. Tubb, and published from 1967 to 2008. I make no claim to the name; I am only using it as an homage to a series which heavily influenced me (and, according to legend, Traveller itself).
This system was generated by hand with a set of dice I have owned for over 30 years, using the Traveller5 rules. Feel free to use this system in your own campaigns, but please do not publish them for profit, nor publish without obtaining prior permission. Thank you!

As always, comments and input are appreciated. Keep On Travelling!

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