A Quick Ending

I posted six days ago, we had received the worst news regarding my wife’s cancer.

Nearly three years ago Lori developed breast cancer. We thought it was beaten, with chemo, radiation, and few side effects. Life moved on.

This fall, before Thanksgiving, we found the cancer had returned, and was in her liver, as well as on her spine and pelvis. Aggressive chemo was started.

This chemo wasn’t as kind to my dear wife. It completely knocked her strength out, messed with her blood platelettes, and her white blood cell counts. She developed bleeding issues, all side effects of this chemo. She lost strength and couldn’t stand. And the cancer in her liver continued to grow. Once this was determined, combined with the fact continued chemo would kill her almost immediately, the ending was predetermined.

My wife spent her last few days at home, surrounded by a familiar environment, and people who loved her dearly.

The end was quick. What pain she had was brought under control, and her ending was peaceful – or as peaceful and pain free as could be made.

I love my wife with all my heart. She was a much greater woman than I ever deserved, and I thanked her for being in my life. A day won’t go by where I won’t shed tears for her. She cannot be replaced. She taught me things about myself which no one else could, and loved me in spite of my goofy personality, gaming obsession, and all-around lack of focus.

As I said in my previous post, make sure to tell the people you love that you Love Them, and do so every day. You can never tell when those days will be taken from you – or you from them.

Thank you for reading. I hope to continue my regular “System of the Day” posts soon.

6 thoughts on “A Quick Ending

  1. I really am terribly sorry for your loss, there are no words to convey my deepest condolences to you. I lost someone close to cancer that went too young and also after remission. Stay strong.

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