T5 House Rule – Balkanized World Governments

Traveller5’s (T5) system generation rules have nothing in place for generating the number of governments for balkanized worlds (government type 7). There are several different house rules floating around the interwebs for other referee’s systems, but I didn’t feel like searching for them (call me lazy at the time, lol). So I came up with my own quick method.

I determine the initial number of governments by rolling 1D3+1. If the roll is the maximum value (4), I reroll it as 1D+1. If that results in a maximum roll (7), I reroll it as 2D+1. If that results in the maximum result…

You get the idea. Each time I roll a max result, reroll, adding an additional die to the base roll. So it is “possible” to generate a world with 20 or 30 governments, but it would take a lot of ‘luck’.

Simple but effective (I hope).

Of course, there are always those times when you want a world with a certain number of governments. If so, go for it! Whatever your creativity or plot needs, right?

As for determining the individual governments’ size and government codes, I haven’t really worried about that yet, as I am only in the background generation phase for my Doldrums setting. I’ll worry about that when I need to.


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