I was rolling up a random system today, when it finally dawned on me…

I’ve been computing the sizes of Big Worlds incorrectly! Argh!

I was just using the random results as rolled. But the [T5] rules clearly state if the roll is A+ (10 or greater), reroll as “A + 1D”.


So it looks like I get to go over all of my previously generated system results for the past few months… Oh well.

EDIT: All previously generated systems have been inspected, and updated to conform to “Traveller Rules”. Not that it really matter, of course, for my own setting. But I want content which mostly conforms to the rules as published, so other GMs can use them without concern.

A total of 25 worlds were corrected, in 19 systems.

5 thoughts on “Oops

  1. Well, I ran through the first 25 systems (1 through 25), and only found 6 worlds in 5 systems which I had to adjust. I’m only changing worlds of size G or greater, and adjusting the atmosphere and hydrographics as needed. I’ll finish the remainder in a day or two.
    No significant changes notes so far.


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