Happiness is a new laptop.

Since I have some money these days (though not for a welcome reason…), I went out and purchased a new laptop yesterday. Got myself an Acer Nitro 5, a fast gaming laptop – which won’t be used much for any online gaming; not my thing, even when I was younger and had wrists in better shape. Lol. Aging stinks, and old injuries don’t help.

Once I get things set up better, I should be able to get my online campaign(s) rolling, eventually. Fun times ahead. Anyone up for a Traveller5 campaign? 😜

I also got a new printer. Woot! But the idiots at Best Buy here sold me a Color laser jet, not the black and white only one I asked for. With the virus protocols they have in place [a good thing], I had to go by what they told me, though I should have checked the boxes more closely when they were put in my vehicle… Again, virus protocols; the boxes were behind a counter on checkout, and they puut everything in the vehicle. Reduced potential exposure dor everyone, a good thing.

I’m still debating whether or not to return it. I like the idea of having a color printer, but detest the expense and added upkeep. (I used to repair printers, so I am all too familiar with the factors involved.) It does havw a separate black toner cartridge, so there is that.

What sayeth you, internet folk? Keep or return? One way or another, I WILL be calling Best Buy to give them a piece of my mind.

8 thoughts on “Happiness is a new laptop.

  1. Printers at home normallly dry up their ink before you can use it and the ink costs more than the printer (or al least close). That being said, how will you be playing online? Roll20 or… does fantasy grounds even have traveler supported? But I’m interested if you figure it out.

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    1. Not sure just yet. I’ve heard differinf opinions on Roll20, Traveller or othewise. My games tend to be not graphic intensive, so maybe a chat room somewhere. I’ll be looking into options.

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      1. It’s not bad, it just takes some… practice. And if you’re not graphic intensive (I am and it’s difficult to try and predict the players way forward sometimes) then it’s a matter of uploading a picture (.png file format works best) and creating a handout with that picture.
        If you want to do maps… and size is Important, then there is a bit of a learning curve.

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      2. I have another option: mRPG, a game specific chat app. Takes a bit to set up for the ref, but has its own dice roller built in. T5 would be a mess to set up for me, though…

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