Another T5 Typo

Well, after generating close to 100 systems (85+ posted in this blog so far), I’ve encountered another typo – or perhaps oversight.
It seems that there is no jump limit listing for O and B class stars. The dice rolled a B class star, the first I’ve rolled using these new rules, and that’s when I finally noticed the discrepancy. There is a listing for the Habitable Zones for these star sizes, but not for the Jump Limit.
So I made an ‘executive decision’: any O or B result is treated as an A class star. Or at least it is until I hear otherwise, or find out I’m just blind, and missed it in the book/pdf.

So tell me, am I blind? Or is this an actual oversight in the rules as published?

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19 thoughts on “Another T5 Typo

  1. I have been trying to make sense of the Stellar parts of World Generation. I hope the actual world generation bits make more sense. The tables about the stars are a hot mess. I find no definitions of the several Spectral types and sizes, for one thing. What the hell are we working with?

    I really want to like T5.I backed it because I was excited to see what this (probably) final evolution of the game would be. I see glimmers of genius in it. Unfortunately, it is just taking too damned much work to ferret out what the hell Mr. Miller means in this horribly organized and presented disappointment. I really wish he’d hired an editor to translate this thing into something mere mortals can make sense of and use. I commend Hivelord for actually doing something with it.

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    1. I agree that the layout needs some Serious work. Overall, I like it a lot. Then again, I like crunch.
      I have few serious issues with system and stellar generation as it sits, but it took a bit to ferret out some parts.
      I have a “cheat sheet”, hand written, which I use for this project. I tried typing it into a document, but I can organize it much easier on paper than in a generic word processor. If I ever get that sorted out, I’ll type it up, and see if I can make it available without violating any copyrights.


      1. I was in the wrong frame of mind to try to figure the O/B jump distance mess out the other day. I found information in Mindjammer, Mindjammer for Traveller, Traveller: The New Era, Classic Traveller Scouts, and the Frontier Space Referee’s Handbook that I think will allow me to work the jump limits out. Given how large the O stars tend to be, I expect it is much further out than an A star.

        I was mainly frustrated and disappointed that Mr. Miller didn’t bother to include that information in T5. I like what I see in T5 until I run into the wall trying to work all too many of the gritty details out. I figure I will have re-written the rules by the time I get them sussed out. /chuckle/

        Anything further that I have to write on this will go on my own blog so as to not further clutter yours, sir.

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      2. Not an issue! I like discussion of details, esp things which need to be worked out.
        And I agree, these details should be in there. I have access to other sources which can give me the information, but i don’t really want to go into that right at the moment; too many house projects to complete, lol.


  2. There is an errata thread at CotI. Bummer some let one perceived asshole keep them away from there.

    Errata thread is here:

    It is unofficial, really, just folks posting things that they stubbed their toes on and debating what is really meant. Most of it is about books 1 & 2, though. Nothing that I saw about this blog post’s issue.

    There may also be some conversations at the Traveller Wiki…nope. I don’t see anything on T5 errata. I guess it is up to someone to take the horse by the reins and make it happen.

    Mr. Miller said he’d send official errata out, but no sign, yet. I was very disappointed when he rushed it to print without allowing backers (at least) to find errata, etc. Oh, well.

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    1. Thanks for the link. There are some admin issues at COTI (as you may have seen in the other comments here…)
      As for the wiki, there was, essentially, a hostile takeover by a small group, I’m told, and a good contributor was booted. Much of the non-canon content has been removed, I am told (unsure of that, as I hadn’t seen most of it anyway). It remains to be seen if anything can or will be done about that, but it’s not my ‘fight’, so to speak.


      1. You are welcome, sir.

        One of these days I will post my thoughts on T5 melee combat (on my WP blog and at CotI). We’ll see what comes from that (at CotI).

        Bummer about the Wiki. Attempts to restrict content makes less sense given that there are now Cepheus Engine and Mindjammer sub fora at CotI. The aren’t very active, but have been allowed and do occasionally, if infrequently, manifest new posts.

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  3. Actually, Marc used to reply when I emailed him, but he’s ignored me the last few times. I just thought there might be a note on the FFE site about submitting errata, or there might be a T5 errata doc that you could download from there and check.

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      1. I bet the Admin in question (who accused you of trolling) has a screen name which is also a minor Imperial Subsector capital near Regina, and begins with an A. If so, same guy.

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    1. I’ve no idea, actually. I’m friends with Marc Miller on FB, but that’s not the place to submit things like that.
      It may have already been submitted, but there’s been no new errata list I’ve seen lately.


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