Back into the Daily Grind

I calculated that if I hadn’t published any promised System of the Day posts, after today I would have been 12 systems behind my self-imposed “schedule” of a new system per day. Unacceptable! As today is sort of a rest-and-recovery day, I took the time to get a number of systems rolled up, and have posted three more. Only nine more to catch up!

So why am I so far behind? Well, we all know about Covid19, and I work in a ‘critical industry’ where we are always short staffed. Extra hours are good, but tiring. I also have three house projects going on. Well, one is a Fun project…

I have ordered a 3D Resin Printer! One of my projects is upgrading my office; neither a narrow desk, nor a card table, make for a solid base for such a detailed endeavor, so I’m building a more suitable workbench.

What do I plan to do with the printer? Well, once I figure out how it all works (I’m technically capable, if impatient, but have very little artistic ability…), I’ll probably attempt to print off small Traveller ships, of course! And maybe a few character miniatures. We’ll see how this all turns out.

Stay sane, and most importantly, STAY SAFE!

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