Best Laid Plans?

Well, I do have several systems rolled up, if not ready to publish. I’ve been a little distracted the last several days, working on my office/workroom. I’m making a workbench, and I horked it up a little. (I used screws which were a little too long, and damaged the countertop. Ten holes…) Repairs are being made (it’s fixable), but taking an extra day. You can see the damage in the 2nd pic.

Why all the preparation? Well, it’s always been in the back of my mind to do it, and it’s become feasible recently.

I purchased a Elegoo 3D resin printer! I plan to print off some Traveller ships eventually, and maybe some character figurines, once I know what I’m doing. And perhaps some Disney stuff for my (adult, Disney-obsessed) daughter.

Should be interesting.

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