Preoccupied with Events

Very few of you on here will know this, but my home base is just west of downtown Minneapolis, where all the rioting and such is occurring these last few days.

In addition, I work in the Security field, and have for over 35 years…

Yes, I am safe; I am not involved with anything in those areas, and it’s unlikely to reach or directly affect me, so I’m not particularly worried; I live in a great, quiet neighborhood. But I work in a retail setting…

I have next week off from work, and my plan is to catch up a bit on projects, especially my “System of the Day” posts. They aren’t nearly a priority in this situation, but I don’t like falling far behind in my goals. Lol.

Remember: be aware of your surroundings at all times, be safe, and tell your loved ones you love them.

5 thoughts on “Preoccupied with Events

    1. Much appreciated! I’m working north of Minneapolis, so have not encountered anything. But I do live just westof downtown.
      Rumor is they may bring in US Marines from down in Texas, but we’ll see what actually occurs.


      1. I just watched the MN Governor’s press conference. The National Guard is being mobilized, but he is against bringing regular military into the situation. The DoD is being consulted for intelligence, however.

        Stay safe and healthy, sir.

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  1. Be safe, take your time, you will get back to it when things change. It is really a shame what happened recently in Minneapolis.


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