Finger, meet razor blade.

Even when being very careful, accidents can happen, as we all know.


I was cutting some sheet rock pieces for the garage, and the razor decided to jump up on me, slicing through the gloves I was wearing. Thankfully, only 4 stitches, no artery severed, and no apparent nerve damage (the cut was on the side of the finger, so it likely missed them). And I had “just” changed blades, so it was clean, for the most part.

Needless to say, with the index finger on my dominant hand out of commission for a couple weeks, typing is a bit of an adventure. I have a dozen systems rolled, but adding detail to them might take a little more effort now. Obviously, healing comes first, but I’ll get more systems posted, and catch up to my goal, when time and the finger allows

Stay safe out there!

8 thoughts on “Finger, meet razor blade.

      1. With my apparent luck, I would drop them on my foot and break a few toes! (I did that with a power tool almost 15 years ago. It smarted “just a little”.)

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