Not as far behind as I thought

Edit: boy, did I miscalculate! Not sure just how I did that, but I was waaaaay off. Not 11 systems behind, like I thought, but more like 38 when I originally posted this.

Time to get cracking, eh? 😉

With the finger injury this past Friday, and the other issues in my life the past few months, I thought I was much farther behind in my “System of the Day” project than I actually am. With the two I posted today, and the one I already have scheduled to post tomorrow morning, I’m only 11 systems behind. Not bad, really, all things considered, though there’s still a long ways to go. But I “got this”, right? lol
Have a great week, everyone!

2 thoughts on “Not as far behind as I thought

  1. You are tearing it up. The blog, that is, the finger was an unnecessary laceration. :p

    I pulled out my Traveller, The New Era material and I am certainly going to use your worlds in my game.

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    1. I appreciate the kind words – and the humor. 😁
      That’s what these worlds are for, after all.
      [Whoops! Had to edit out an improper emoji response there… I hate small phone screens. Bad for the eyes, trouble for the fingers on small phone screens!]


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