System of the Day #146 – Krenz

B956986-A Hi Climate= T PBG= 412
Ix= 2 Ex= C8D1 RU= 1248 Cx= EB9C
Krenz is an important world in the region. It is a larger world, with a lot of available surface area and a 1.15 gravity rating, but its thin atmosphere is limiting to humans, as it is almost too thin. The surface is also crisscrossed by various extensive mountain ranges. These rise far above the atmosphere, and are covered with cities and residences; the view of the planet’s ring system above the atmosphere is quite impressive, day or night. One added benefit of this tendency towards mountaintop living: more arable land is available for cultivation, making it easier to feed everyone. Even so, Krenz is a food importer, especially luxuries.
The main form of transportation on Krenz is an extensive, efficient system of maglev trains. One of its main industries is transportation, especially maglev train systems, which are a major export to nearby worlds. The system’s gravitic technology is still in its early phases, but it has a well-developed series of wheeled vehicle technology. Many of these designs are favored on undeveloped worlds, as their designs are known for their ruggedness, reliability, and ease of repair.
Krenz’ government is currently classified as an “impersonal dictatorship”, a designation which doesn’t sit well with the current leader (nor his predecessors). The government takes its job of tending to the needs and wants of its citizens very seriously, and the populace is generally content with how things are being run and managed. The society is so peaceful (in general) that there are no wide ranging weapons bans, and most citizens can go about their daily activities without fear of unnecessary government intrusion. The world’s military forces, especially its local Patrol, are dedicated and fully staffed, and personnel are well trained, well led, and well equipped.
The remainder of the system is well developed, with mines and former mining colonies established throughout, especially in the outer system. The system’s only planetoid belt has grown in importance in the last few centuries, becoming a major world and trading partner in its own right. Nominally independent, this society has close ties to, and defensive agreements with, Krenz. Krenz maintains a sizable Patrol base in this location, ensuring problem free travel for the system’s large commercial fleets.
NOTE: These systems, as generated, are generic. Referees will need to modify the system and descriptions to fit their campaign needs.
System Details
Orbit – Component/Name – UWP
P Primary Star G4IV + K0V Companion Star
1 InnerWorld Y550000-0 De Tz
2 StormWorld Y8D9334-6 Lo 1 Moon
3 InnerWorld Y660000-0 De 1 Moon
4 StormWorld Y672000-0
———- Jump Limit ———-
5 KRENZ B9569B6-A Hi 1 Ring
6 LGG Size = Q (24) 4 Moons
7 Worldlet Y305000-0 Ic Va
8 SGG Size = M (21) 1 Moon
9 Belt F000855-9 As Na
10 IceWorld Y49A000-0 Fr Wa
11 RadWorld Y99A104-9 Fr Lo Wa 1 Moon
12 IceWorld Y754102-6 Fr Lo 3 Moons
13 BigWorld HD9538B-7 Fr Lo
14 IceWorld Y355000-0 Fr
This is my 146th hand-generated “System of the Day” entry, using the Traveller5 (T5) rules, from Far Future Enterprises. My goal is to publish one random system per day in 2020. This system was generated by hand, using my new Traveller dice and the Traveller5 (T5) rules set. Feel free to use this system in your own campaigns. Permission is granted to publish these results, as long as the copyrights of Far Future Enterprises are not violated, and no money is charged for them.
This world’s name was taken from that great scifi book series, The Dumarest Saga, written by E.C. Tubb, and published from 1967 to 2008. I make no claim to this world name; I use it only as an homage to a series which heavily influenced me (and, according to legend, Traveller itself).
As always, comments and input are appreciated.
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