Happiness is Incorrect Calculations

What?! Has the Hiverlord gone mad?

Yes, I know that sounds rather bonkers. But really, it IS a good thing! Well, right now anyway. I had previously calculated that I was lagging around 40 or so systems behind in my goal to publish a new, random stellar system for Traveller each day in 2020.

Well, it turns out I messed up. As of this writing I am a mere FOUR systems behind! Today is (was) the 176th day of 2020, and I’ve made 172 posts; only 194 to go!

I like that result a lot better, though I’m not certain how I made such a drastic error. Perhaps I can blame Google, since I used their search feature for my initial answer… I also used it for the newer one, though, so I guess it isn’t Google’s fault, is it?

Whatever the cause, I am much closer to being on track for my year-end goal. I’ll take it.

Once again, a big Thank You to everyone reading the results of this not-so-little project! For a spur of the moment thing, an impulsively stated goal, really (the idea for this popped into my head on Dec 30 or 31), it’s turning into a Good Thing.

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