Crappy Software

Warning! Rant follows!

So I had this program, “PDF Software Reader”, by a company called “KDan Mobile Software Ltd”. Works well, free, ads of course. No problem. I was happy using it on this laptop.

Well, my daughter (who doesn’t drive) had something going on, so I grabbed my laptop to use while she was busy. I was in an area with no free wifi. No big deal, I have a lot of Traveller materials to read up on. No problem, right?


Turns out that you MUST be online for this program to work. Seems they are trying to force users of their software to see more ads…

That’s all fine and good; companies need to make money. But what is the POINT of a PDF reader program, if you can’t use it while offline? Not everyone is online 24/7. Not everyone has constant access to wifi either.

It goes without saying, I left that company some sternly worded commentary, then uninstalled the software.

OK, my rant is over. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Crappy Software

  1. I have like misgivings concerning my Chromebook – I have to jump through hoops to enable it to access and then modify my writing files – already on board – when it can’t access the internet. Total annoyance.

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    1. Annoying, to say the least. I’m at the point where I won’t put up with such issues, even if I really like the program. Then again, if the program is that good and useful, I’ll just shell out a license for it, but that’s rare.


  2. Are you using a tablet (e.g., iPad)? I’m a Mac guy. Preview (Mac OS) reads pdfs, as well as Acrobat Reader, etc. I use Good Reader on my iPad Pro. If you are using a Windows computer, Edge reads pdfs, as well as Acrobat Reader, etc..

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    1. I “dislike” Edge, and anything Microsloth related, for the most part.
      The issues were on my rather new Nitro5 laptop. I have nomproblems on my tablet, actually, which is also newer (Galaxy Tab 10).


  3. Use Foxit Reader. I just tested it without an internet connection and it worked fine. But yep, companies are so far removed from the concept of “customer service” that it’s a wonder the economy works at all. Of course, some consumers don’t seem to know any better. I remember a while back when I had a cellphone from Verizon. I had been out of work and called to ask them to shut down the data service to my phone, just leaving “telephony” active. This was in the days when the two categories were billed separately. The rep said “sure, we’re all about customer service, just let us know when you want to re-activate it again!” So I found work, re-activated it, and sailed on for a couple years. Then I was out of work again, called Verizon. The rep answered “Hi, this is Verizon, (insert some slogan similar to ‘Have it Your Way’).” But THIS time, the rep actually growled at me and said, “Data is the whole point. No, we won’t shut that off.” So I cancelled the account. Too bad they didn’t care. But yeah, expect the worst.

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