System of the Day #203 – Molrosie

D5688AC-4 HZ Ri Climate= T PBG= 702
Ix= -1 Ex= 5783 RU= 840 Cx= 77A1
Molrosie is a rich, low technology world with a rigid society, steeped in tradition. It maintains just enough tech to make it easier to support visiting trade ships, and local communications. The government, led by a dictator elected by the land owners, works to maintain the status quo; tech development is stifled, and imports from offworld are strictly limited and controlled. Of course, this ban is maintained by higher tech gear, hidden from view from the regular citizens of course. This tech edge (easily afforded by the super wealthy landowners) allows the government to easily monitor and control the citizenry.
Citizens who cause trouble are shipped offworld to work in one of several mining facilities. These were established by the land owners, working through offworld companies. These mining/prison camps generate huge profits for both parties, and neither will tolerate interference with their established traditions nor profits.
The secondary and tertiary star systems have yet to be fully explored and surveyed. It is rumored there are large deposits of minerals just waiting to be discovered. However, these are considered rumors or wild tales by most citizens, and even the government, and the outer systems are routinely ignored.
NOTE: These systems, as generated, are generic. Referees will need to modify the system and descriptions to fit their campaign needs.
System Details
Orbit – Component/Name – UWP
P Primary Star F9V
0 FD Close Companion (no orbits)

2 BigWorld YDA6000-0 Fl
3 RadWorld Y640203-4 De Lo
———- Jump Limit ———-
4 LGG Size = R (25) 5 Moons
5 MOLROSIE D5688AC-4 HZ Ri 1 Ring
6 RadWorld H677467-7 Co Ni 1 Ring 1 Moon

10 Near Companion Star M2V
__1 RadWorld Y522000-0 Co Po Tz
__4 LGG Size = U (28) 1 Ring 3 Moons
__5 Worldlet YP00000-0 Va
__7 IceWorld Y573000-0 Fr

16 Far Companion Star M4VI
__ ———- Jump Limit (Inside Orbit 0) ———-
__2 Worldlet Y331000-0 Fr Po
__3 IceWorld Y542000-0 Fr Po 1 Moon
This is my 203rd hand-generated “System of the Day” entry, using the Traveller5 (T5) rules, from Far Future Enterprises. My goal is to publish one random system per day in 2020.
This system was generated by hand, using my new Traveller dice and the Traveller5 (T5) rules set. Feel free to use this system in your own campaigns. Permission is granted to publish these results, as long as the copyrights of Far Future Enterprises are not violated, and no money is charged for them.
As always, comments and input are appreciated.
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