Delays, Delays, Delays…

Just when you think a house project will go well, the project itself comes up with other plans. Go figure, right?
My labor intensive but fairly easy tile job (remodeling the new ‘geek cave’, you know…) revealed a minor plumbing problem: the access port to the house’s sewer line to the street was buried under the carpet – right beneath where my daughter slept for four years. A pleasant discovery.
Worse, it turns out whoever did that particular piece of work in the past, put the plug in UPSIDE DOWN. Yes, upside down. Crazy. And very stupid.
It’s a 50+ year old iron pipe. I fear that attempting to remove and correct the plug will break the pipe… so it is being left alone until it needs to be corrected. A plumber I am not.
I’ll admit, though, putting the plug in backwards did made it easier for whoever did the original carpet install to cover and hide…
And the slight “musty dog smell” in the carpet turned into “rather old dog urine” smell, once the newer carpet was removed and the OLD carpet pad was exposed… No wonder my daughter was having sinus, headache, and nausea problems. My two day timetable to remove all the carpet and pad turned into one short evening.
Made me happy, this discovery did. If I ever see the previous owner again, I will punch him in the mouth, and then some.

Anyway, as you can probably guess, my “System of the Day” project will be sidelined for a few more days.

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