WordPress’ new Block Editor – what a piece of crap!

I have spent the last two-plus hours attempting to figure out just what the hell to do with this new block editor setup that WordPress has forced upon its users. Its claims I can revert to the Classic editor are unfounded (aka, lies, as far as I can tell). And its claims of (paraphrased), “power and ease of use” are unfounded, at least for the likes of me.
As can probably be determined from those first two lines, and this post’s title, I am “less than happy” with the change. I F*****G HATE IT. Absolutely disgusted with it. I am the sort of person who just types; I don’t mess with (have talent for/have time for) graphics and such “fancy” interfaces. Not my skill or cup of tea. And this new block editor is the complete opposite of what I need.
I am now seeking recommendations for a new blog hosting site. Such a site must have a ‘normal’, aka regular typing, editor interface, without all the fancy graphics stuff, or a way to easily bypass it. Unlike the new fiasco which is wordpress… (Also, easily importing my previous blogs would be essential…)
I will be researching for this myself, but with a major, expanding house project underway, I have limited time for that. I am willing to pay a little for a good program. In fact, I was almost ready to upgrade to a basic plan here on WordPress. I consider it a small ‘miracle’ or blessing, if you will, that I didn’t, considering what their program has suddenly become.
I’m hoping you fine folks have some ideas for me to look into.
Until such a time as I find (or am led to) a different, more usable (for me) blog program, there will be very few posts here, and my System of the Day project is on semi-permanent hold.
Sorry, but I can’t work with this program.
Wish me luck.

10 thoughts on “WordPress’ new Block Editor – what a piece of crap!

  1. Well, in the app on my tablet I can easily maintain the classic editor – so far, anyway. But I can’t type quickly on the screen (I’m a klutz, really), and can’t use my external keyboard at work. This limits things.
    But maybe I’ll be able to keep things running, without having to go through the rigamarol of changing sites and apps.
    We shall see…


  2. I hate the new block editor as well, preferring to edit using either the WordPress iOS app or login to the website as wpadmin through a browser. You can set the default editor back to ‘Classic Editor’ in the iOS app through: My Site -> Homepage -> Homepage Settings -> Classic Blog.

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    1. I am using the website login, unless I’m at work.
      I’ll have to try changing the default when on my tablet, as I still can’t seem to find it on the website through the browser. Then again, it isn’t yet 6 am here. 🙂

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  3. I write all of my posts in OpenOffice so I can just copy and paste my post, add tags and categories and go. This way I can easily retrieve a post to add to, edit, mangle, etc.

    Even then, as my blog is being edited for publication I wish I had double-checked my posts more and I am very thankful for an eagle eyed editor.

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  4. Well, hey. I can see that you are quite upset and frustrated. I saw the note about it being a new block editor, but I see so many “update” notices that I guess they just zoom right past me. I’ve actually made a couple of new blog posts recently and things went OK. Maybe it’s because I write in a word processor, then just copy / paste the body of the post into WordPress. Have you tried that? Also, a blogger I know who uses Blogger has also complained bitterly about their recent upgrade, and he’s looking for an alternative to that. And finally, one blogger I follow uses Wix. I don’t know how he likes it, but I’m sure he is getting a little tired of all my complaints about navigating his blog from a reader’s perspective. Now, I love to complain (and blog about) software “upgrades,” so I’m right there with you. But if you keep it as simple as I do (composing in a word processor, in my case LibreOffice’s Writer) and then pasting your text into WordPress in one big post, maybe you’ll be able to suffer through WordPress for a while longer. Oh, and I also insert a pic into most of my posts, it’s also been simple. In any case, again you have my sympathy, and good luck however you decide to proceed.

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