Happy Birthday to “The Emperor”

Today is the birthday of Marc Miller, Traveller’s creator and “Emperor”, as he is lovingly titled by fans of his RPG Traveller. To state that this game and other various products has had a huge impact on my life would be a ‘slight’ understatement. (I’ve been dabbling in Traveller and other GDW games since 1981 – almost forty years.)

Happy Birthday, Sir! Thank you once again for your creations! Here is hoping for a continued “good run” with your endeavors, continued health, and a prosperous future!

And what better way to celebrate the birthday of a gaming legend, than to play one of his games. My group will be meeting [under continued SAFE conditions, though in person; we are all professionals in the field, and I work security, so I have some firsthand knowledge of prevention and such] this afternoon for at least six hours of Traveller5 goodness – and likely far more than that. (Our shortest session so far was a mere five hours…)
One of these days I really should get around to writing up a campaign report blog…

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