Upcoming Blog Changes!

Well, I won’t say what set me off (again? lol) this time, not yet anyway. But there will soon be changes to this blog. Not the System of the Day project or my occasional ramblings, but to the blog’s location.
Currently I am searching for an inexpensive, reliable, and (most importantly for an “older” geek like me who resists change; never thought I’d have said that 30 years ago!) easy to use blog hosting site.
Yep, I’ll be moving this blog soon to another host. I will, of course, give ample warning when the day occurs!
Until my next post, have a great day!

10 thoughts on “Upcoming Blog Changes!

  1. My only real issue at this point has been a recent change when using WP on my tablet, as I mentioned in a comment above. Suddenly, I found they Required me to choose one (minimum) of their tags to follow in order to use the reader on that laptop.
    But as I said a bit ago in yet another comment, I’ll likely be going with a paid site here. That will negate the ads, and hopefully eliminate the need to follow one of their tags – none of which really interest me.


    1. Sounds about right. LOL.
      I may just go with a paid WordPress account, instead of switching. Too. Much. Hassle. to switch, and I don’t really need a full website, which appears to come with the territory. At least that will let me avoid the ads…


  2. I’m thinking that, rather than go through the rigamarole of learning a new blogger app, and finding a host, and so forth, I may just go to a paid account for WP. At least it will eliminate the ads, and get me a domain to boot.
    Still deciding.


  3. Yep. Not “bad”, but…
    First irritation was when they changed their editor to that ‘block’ editor, which I griped about the other month.
    Now… well, let’s just say it looks like an attempt (on tablets only?) to increase their potential advertising exposure. (I use the free version, of course).


    1. WordPress’ interface works well – the classic editor does. My issue with WordPress is (on my tablet) their sudden INSISTANCE that, in order to use their reader program, I must choose – and retain – at least one of THEIR follow tags.
      Not going over with me so well, is that sudden change.


    2. I also use WordPress. It’s not the interface (well, not since I found I can still use the Classic interface), but another irritation (see my other comments here).


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