System of the Day #296 – Vida

C745553-5 HZ Ni Tz Climate= T PBG= 500
Ix= -2 Ex= 7425 RU= 280 Cx= 6368
Vida is an unimportant world. Positioned near a minor trade route, the starport sees some traffic, as Vida is fairly productive for a low tech world. The income received from fuel sales helps to keep the starport funded. Note that there is no orbital station. Refueling from the world’s oceans is also “technically” illegal, though the government can’t do a thing other than fine any offenders when they return (assuming they are noticed doing so, of course).
Tidally locked to its parent star, and possessing a thin, tainted atmosphere, life on Vida is not easy. The few people who call Vida home are clustered in a series of minor towns and settlements within a few hundred kilometers of the capital city (where the starport is located, of course). Surprisingly, though, there are few instances of dangerous storms on Vida, compared to other, similar tidally-locked worlds. There are few theories as to why this is the case, and no real studies have been conducted on the matter.
A small handful of worlds are “settled” in the outer system. These worlds have been established principally to mine resources, though the large world in orbit #5 has been settled by a group who wanted the challenge of a higher gravity world. Local gravity on this world is only around 1.3 G’s – more than enough to make things somewhat difficult for settlers, but not too dangerous, either. So far this colony, settled around ten years ago, has faired well.
NOTE: These systems, as generated, are generic. Referees will need to modify the system and descriptions to fit their campaign needs.
System Details
P Primary Star M7V
0 VIDA C745553-5 HZ Ni Tz
———- Jump Limit ———-
1 StormWorld Y7A9000-0 Fl Tz
2 RadWorld Y852100-3 Fr Lo Po 3 Moons
3 Worldlet YP00000-0 Va 1 Moon
4 IceWorld Y200000-0 Va
5 BigWorld HA88353-3 Fr Lo
6 IceWorld Y416000-0 Ic 2 Rings
7 IceWorld H322300-6 Fr Lo Po 3 Moons
8 IceWorld Y375000-0 Fr 1 Moon
9 IceWorld Y7A5000-0 Fl
10 RadWorld Y221000-0 Fr Po 1 Moon
11 BigWorld YA9A000-0 Fr Oc 2 Moons
This is my 296th hand-generated “System of the Day” entry, using the Traveller5 rules, from Far Future Enterprises. My goal is to publish one random system per day in 2020.
This system was generated by hand, using Traveller dice and the Traveller5 rules set.
Feel free to use this system in your own campaigns. Permission is granted to publish these results, as long as the copyrights of Far Future Enterprises are not violated, and no money is charged for them.
As always, comments and input are appreciated.
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