Well, that wasn’t fun…

Or subtitled, “Oops, Wrong Wire”.
I found some wiring issues during the basement rebuild fiasco. The old cable system wires, and other assorted entertainment junk no longer hooked up to anything, was grounded incorrectly. Last I checked (way back in electrical school decades ago), you aren’t supposed to ground electrical circuits to power line feed cabling (the flexible feed lines used to run and carry electrical power lines in the structure). These, of course, were.
And during removal of said old wires, it seems something was labelled incorrectly – go figure, right? – and I accidentally cut my current cable wire…
Luckily, I have plenty of other wire on hand, and fixed it fairly quickly.
So, yeah. I’ve been a little preoccupied with stupid issues. But they are getting fixed. Meanwhile, my planned concrete pour is delayed yet again…
But I ramble, as always. I’ll be back to catching up on my System of the Day posts here in a day or two.

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