Fun Times in the Basement – and Success!

The last week has been busy, yet productive.

After a week of prep work, and more discoveries (aka problems) we FINALLY poured concrete in the basement, after more than two months of delays. It was a good week.

Problems discovered include bad cable wiring (I posted about that earlier), cut cable wires (my own darned fault, but fixed quickly and easily), and a poorly (to say the least…) framed interior door.

But the concrete is finally poured!

This is the sewer access plug. It was buried/hidden under carpet… I had to craft a frame around it so it wouldn’t be buried in concrete, but it came out perfectly.

The original tile floor. Ugly, damaged, and made with asbestos.

The wet concrete after pouring. You can see color variations due to different mixing times. Also note the aluminum frame around the sewer plug in the upper left corner.

The landing at the stairs.

The end of the landing after removing the barrier I mocked up, inside the utility room/hallway. This was a pain to frame up; we had to remove the entire door and framing – which was done poorly anyway. It will be done correctly at a later time, and it won’t even be that difficult to fix.

All in all, I am tremendously happy with how this has turned out so far. Not bad, for a complete noob with absolutely no experience at this sort of thing. I need to let the concrete cure for a few days, then I can begin to install the vinyl flooring over it. Once this project is complete, I will have one Heck of a great gaming area, with plenty of room.

Now, to get caught up on my online Traveller project…

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