Back In Business – or at least, back in control!

Well, to say I’ve been a little busy/preoccupied is perhaps an understatement.
I poured concrete in the basement two Saturdays ago, and that went very well.
Several days later, after more prep work, I began installing the vinyl floors. That… well, that wasn’t as smooth. In fact, when about 3/4 done, I realized I was doing several things wrong, and had to completely remove and reinstall everything.
Yeah, that was annoying, and a big delay. But being a complete “noob” at this, not surprising, I suppose. It’s a learning process.
Anyway, the second install of the flooring went much better. I should have that part completed tomorrow afternoon. Then comes the usual fun – sheetrock, painting, and the like. Fun times!
Anyway, I have a couple systems rolled up, and will be getting back into the groove of my “System of the Day” project, now that the headaches are under control.

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