What should I ‘name’ the new room?

Hey everyone!
You’ve likely seen the recent posts regarding my basement remodel.
Several of us “geeks” in my circle of friends have a tradition: we name our gaming rooms/dens/lairs. For instance, a close friend has traditionally named his: “Docking Bay 94”.
Of course, I “must” continue this tradition, now that I have a proper (if yet unfinished…) room!
Room Details: It is fairly large: almost twenty feet long, and almost 13 feet wide. It will, of course, soon be filled with various gaming paraphernalia (gaming books, gaming table, 3D resin printer, a 50″ long Lego Super Star Destroyer…) The built-in bookshelf will be black, and have a red stripe running across it. (If you know what this refers to, you are truly an old school gaming geek!) The lower walls on two walls, along with the trim around the windows, will be a darker gray color. And the remaining walls will be lighter gray. Yes, I like gray. It helps other colors and items to stand out. The floors, well, you’ve probably seen the post. Gray.
WHAT SHOULD I NAME THIS ROOM? I am open to suggestions/ideas.
The current favorite is “The Hive”. Since I’m known (tongue-in-cheek) as “The Hiverlord”, this would make sense – but it’s also too obvious. Other ideas have been many and varied (The Pit, Norad, The Nexus, Bellum Locus, The Vault… and the list goes on.
If you have any suggestions or ideas, feel free to leave a comment.
Thank you!
Stay Sane and Safe!

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