Status Update – Finally!

Or subtitled – “Just where in the hell has the Hiverlord been hiding?”
Hey everyone! I am back. So, just where did I disappear to these last couple months?
Well, as many here already know, I lost my wife to cancer last February. I “thought” I was ready to deal with the expected depression when the Holidays hit.
I. Was. Wrong.
Depression hit me big time, interfering with many aspects of life. There was at least one week where I would get home from work, do the minimal necessary chores, then stare at the phone screen for six or more hours. Sometimes I would start blankly at a wall instead. I maintained enough of a facade, if you will, on social media to at least let people know I was still around and kicking. I was in a deep place – though not so deep I was in any potential danger (not that I was aware of, anyway). I continued to work, see friends and family (as much as possible, given the current times, of course), and even managed to get a majority of my basement remodel completed. Some may say I have been working too much; given how short-handed my company is, there wasn’t much of a choice unless we wanted to risk losing contracts. Not a good option. And it kept me busy.
But I believe I have recovered well enough now. I am actually (GASP!) talking to someone – not dating; this is an old friend from High School I hadn’t seen in nearly 37 years. Catching up, hearing old names I had forgotten, has been good. I think it helped.
So, I know someone will ask: “But what about the System of the Day posts?” Obviously, that project (and many others) was on the back burner, awaiting my return, awaiting input. Of course, I still intend to finish it, but now just delayed a bit. I will start cranking out more systems within the day, and complete this labor of love within a month, or less. I figure I will stop around 370 systems – perhaps more, if I get another burst of creativity to extend it.
I will see (?) you all in future posts. I appreciate everyone’s support and input for this, and everyone’s kind words and patience.
Thank You!
Dwayne, the “Hiverlord”
[I should probably do a quick post on that odd name someday. People probably think I’m weird. Well, it ‘is’ true; I am. lol]

7 thoughts on “Status Update – Finally!

  1. Welcome back! Loss is difficult. My grandmother passed in January of this year at 103 and I was left to deal with all of the aftermath. Now trying to move in a snowstorm. Life has its challenges.

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      1. Thank you, sir. That she did. The dementia frustrated her with limitations and corrections, it helped her in seeing Alex Trebek everywhere. He had better have his running shoes on in the afterlife!

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