System of the Day #335 – Elnas

A589759-9 HZ Ri Climate= T PBG= 903
Ix= 2 Ex= 86B1 RU= 528 Cx= 4927
Elnas is a rich planet of growing importance. With a hospitable atmosphere, plenty of water (some might say a little too much water…), and a steadily growing population, the society is increasing its influence in the local region. The planet’s shallow (for the most part) seas house a great variety of lifeforms, and there are wide undersea expanses of coral colonies which host immense varieties of local life. These coral colonies are being studied by regional universities, and new discoveries are being announced almost every week. These undersea colonies are also a favorite with tourists, and snorkeling is a huge draw, boosting the local economy.
The remainder of the system is, for the most part, ignored. The last completed surveys indicated the potential for a wide variety of resources. To date, however, the outer system remains largely unexploited. The local navy maintains sufficient patrol craft to protect the main world and its tourist trade, as well as the nearby gas giants, but the outer system is left alone; the potential for pirates hiding on one of the many moons is slight, but cannot be ignored, and few dare to venture beyond the system’s pair of well-guarded gas giants.
NOTE: These systems, as generated, are generic. Referees will need to modify the system and descriptions to fit their campaign needs.
System Details
P Primary Star F7VI + FD Close Companion
0 LGG Size = Q (24) Tz
1 RadWorld Y410000-0 Tz
2 RadWorld YH786210-5 De Ho Lo
———- Jump Limit ———-
3 ELNAS A589759-9 HZ Ri 2 Moons
4 LGG Size = U (28) 1 Moon
5 LGG Size = R (25) 1 Ring 5 Moons
6 IceWorld Y522000-0 Fr Po 1 Ring
7 IceWorld Y501000-0 Ic Va 3 Moons
8 RadWorld Y534000-0 Fr 3 Moons
9 Worldlet YP00000-0 Va
10 IceWorld Y633000-0 Fr Po
11 BigWorld YA69000-0 Fr 1 Ring 3 Moons
14 IceWorld Y237127-9 Fr Lo
This is my 335th hand-generated “System of the Day” entry, using the Traveller5 rules, from Far Future Enterprises. My goal is to publish one random system per day in 2020.
This system was generated by hand, using Traveller dice and the Traveller5 rules set.
Feel free to use this system in your own campaigns. Permission is granted to publish these results, as long as the copyrights of Far Future Enterprises are not violated, and no money is charged for them.
As always, comments and input are appreciated.
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