System of the Day #341 – T’Catta

C200113-B HZ Lo Va Climate= T PBG= 520
Ix= 0 Ex= D003 RU= 39 Cx= 1156
T’Catta is a minor world in an almost empty system. Its main importance is as a refueling and repair station for local shipping; the world lies on an important crossroads. The T’Catta system has been largely ignored otherwise.
However, the system is drawing renewed interest in recent months, with the leaked publication of the government’s extensive survey. This report revealed the existence of a number of important mineral deposits, including lanthanum – vital for starship jump drive construction. As a result of this leak, the controlling corporation is scrambling to recover control of the situation. Never a strong economic company, it is now feared by company leaders there will be hostile takeover attempts – possibly even including actual physical force – and the company is desperately seeking a quick solution to its problems which does not include giving up control to an outside force.
NOTE: These systems, as generated, are generic. Referees will need to modify the system and descriptions to fit their campaign needs.
System Details
P Primary Star G2V
1 InnerWorld Y9B0000-0 Tz
2 RadWorld Y644000-0 Ho 2 Moons
———- Jump Limit ———-
3 T’CATTA C200113-B HZ Lo Va
5 IceWorld Y45A000-0 Fr Wa 1 Moon
6 Belt Y000000-0 As
7 Belt Y000000-0 As
14 IceWorld Y730000-0 De Fr Po
This is my 341st hand-generated “System of the Day” entry, using the Traveller5 rules, from Far Future Enterprises. My goal is to publish one random system per day in 2020.
This system was generated by hand, using Traveller dice and the Traveller5 rules set.
Feel free to use this system in your own campaigns. Permission is granted to publish these results, as long as the copyrights of Far Future Enterprises are not violated, and no money is charged for them.
As always, comments and input are appreciated.
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