I have returned, or “I’m not dead yet!”

With massive apologies for my lack of content, I have bopped in to show those few of you who’ve stuck around that I have not disappeared!

I’ve been dealing with a number of things, notably:
1- House repairs (which aren’t bad, just annoying and time consuming).
2- Depression. Anyone who’s read my blogs will know why. I have pulled through, gotten better, and the like, but it hasn’t been easy.
3- Work. Work. And more (dare I say it?) Work. [I just finished working 19 days straight again, as an example…)
4. And lately, car repairs. Fun times!

I currently have no real plans as yet, regarding what I’ll do now that I’m back. But I do intend to start my “System of the Day” posts again, though probably limiting them to one a week.
I also will soon be restarting construction of a non-OTU Traveller setting, as I had once started here. That bogged down, partially due to depression (as mentioned above), but mainly because of Too Many Ideas competing for prominence.

One thing I have done recently is getting heavily into online racing. (I don’t recall mentioning it here before.) I have always liked racing, though not such boring things as Nascar (I find it tedious, and even easy; for example, me, a non-skilled driver, currently holds a fastest-lap time on the Daytona Tri-Oval track sitting in the top 100 rankings (out of tens of thousands of entered times) on the game Forza Motorsport 7; not too shabby for an uncoordinated, old geek. 😉 )
I have purchased an actual racing rig to mount my racing wheel, and am adjusting to driving with that. Fun times.

Anyway, off to work on things. See you soon! 🙂

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