Thoughts on Jump Drive Variables [Traveller]

I’ve been slowly working up ideas for my next Traveller settings, using the Traveller5 [T5] rules. I’m looking for input on variables affecting Jump Drives (construction, use, and so on).

The following list is used by a guy named David Carlson, and are pulled from a comment in a Facebook discussion group. I like this list, but am looking for other potential items which may have missed (by myself). It seems a fairly complete list, but I don’t want to make any obvious mistakes or oversights.
In his comment/response, he stated that drives for all the major races in his campaign variant all have specs within about 2% of each other. Some have better efficiency, some better prices, and the like. There are also some social or societal factors which apply to the drive used by a government, society, or species. (For instance, he stated that the Aslan use their drives, which have a higher chance of misjump, because to do otherwise is “cowardly”.)

Jump Drive Variables:
1. Cost to Build/Construct
2. Drive Size
3. Fuel Use per Jump
4. Frequency of Breakdown
5. Overall Cost of Maintenance
6. Ease of Repair
7. Time in Jump
8.Likelihood of Misjump

If there is anything blatantly obvious I’ve missed, or you have other ideas on the topic, please consider leaving a comment. Any constructive input is appreciated!
Thank you, stay safe, and have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Jump Drive Variables [Traveller]

  1. I like this thought process.

    How about:
    Recovery time between jumps
    Travel time to safe jump limit

    And if we diverge slightly from OTU,
    Availability of fuel
    Purity of Fuel

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    1. Doh! This is why I ask questions. lol
      This will definitely not be an OTU setting, but should absolutely be in the discussion.
      Travel time to the Jump Limit should probably read “Safe Jump Distance” or some such, as actual in system time is based on STL drives (maneuver, etc).
      I appreciate the input. Thanks!


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