Working on the site…

I’ve actually been – Gasp! – working on this blog layout this morning. I’m getting pages organized and filled with links to the appropriate blogs.
The majority of the work is listing and linking all those System of the Day posts. The major “issue” I have is deciding on the front page layout, wording, and the like. That will take the longest to figure out, I suspect. The remainder is grunt work. (Copy link, change screens, click, past, repeat 250+ more times…)

I’m also thinking about eventually adding posts for our gaming group’s various campaigns. These would be short descriptions of past campaigns, leading into the current campaign I’m running (DnD 5e; my Traveller campaign is almost complete with the current plot, but we got the itch to play some fantasy). We have campaigns running, or planned, for DnD 5e, and Traveller (T5 rules, classic setting), which I am running, plus campaigns being run or planned by others in the group: Battletech, and Top Secret (in a modern setting

2 thoughts on “Working on the site…

    1. Thanks. I’ve been struggling with the blog tools here on WordPress. Now that I’m getting things figured out a bit, I can make more efforts into it. I’ve never been a flashy guy anyway, so… lol.


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