Odd Things

This is where I put all my other ‘babbling’ posts about unrelated topics. You know, those random midnight thoughts, personal observations, and so forth.


Posts from 2019
01-25-2019: The Journey Begins
06-26-2019: Life, the Universe… And Apathy
07-02-2019: I Sometimes Miss the GURPS System
11-26-2019: Busy Busy Busy!
12-23-2019: Sidelining the Doldrums Setting: Real Life Sucks
12-31-2019: Goals for 2020

Posts from 2020
02-01-2020: Injured
02-17-2020: Well, It’s Happened
02-23-2020: A Quick Ending
02-29-2020: Returning to the Blogs
03-09-2020: Unwanted Follower
03-28-2020: Happiness is a new laptop.
04-25-2020: Stupid Busy
04-30-2020: Back into the Daily Grind
05-07-2020: Best Laid Plans?
05-11-2020: Busy
05-17-2020: I thought I’d lost this… Happy Again
05-29-2020: Preoccupied with Events
06-19-2020: Finger, meet razor blade
06-21-2020: Not as far behind as I thought
07-07-2020: The Finger is healing all right.
07-13-2020: Crappy Software
08-17-2020: Delays, Delays, Delays…
08-22-2020: WordPress’ new Block Editor – what a piece of crap!
08-23-2020: Ok, I think I’m up and running again…
09-09-2020: Under The Weather
09-28-2020: Upcoming Blog Changes!
10-02-2020: Ok, Here Goes Nothing
10-02-2020: Easy Peasy
10-02-2020: Well, this is interesting…
10-14-2020: Silly Me, I Bought A Thing…
10-23-2020: When it rains, it pours…
10-15-2020: Well, that was a silly mistake…
10-19-2020: Boggled Visions…
11-26-2020: Have a great Thanksgiving!
12-01-2020: Well, that wasn’t fun…
12-06-2020: Fun Times in the Basement – and Success!
12-15-2020: Back In Business – or at least, back in control!
12-17-2020: What should I ‘name’ the new room?

Posts from 2021

02-15-2021: Status Update – Finally!
02-23-2021: It’s been a full year…
03-12-2021: Happiness is a project nearing completion… and a new webcam.
03-25-2021: IT. IS. DONE!

Posts from 2022
09-20-2022: I have returned, or “I’m not dead yet!”
10-11-2022: Working on the site…
10-11-2022: Finally updated the web/blog site