Traveller Ramblings

The Traveller RPG is by far my favorite role playing system. The original (“Classic”) is still viable even now, over 40 years after its initial publication (1977), with only minor corrections and additions needed. Not a bad track record at all!
My go-to rules set is Mr. Miller’s latest incarnation of his award-winning rules, Traveller5 (T5). There are many comments and complaints about the weight of these rules, but in reality they are a tool set – choose what you need, either as a stand-alone game, or to add more flavor and detail to whatever rules version you may be utilizing. Use what works for you! 🙂

This is my collection of posts about the Traveller rules and settings.

Posts from 2019

02-28-2019: Everyday Psions in Traveller
03-26-2019: Branj Dilgaadin – Seneshcal, or Zhodani mole?
07-02-2019: Making the OTU “Mine” – part one
07-08-2019: Traveller5: First Impressions
07-19-2019: T5 Career Option – The Rogue
07-23-2019: Fame in T5
08-13-2019: Now entering – The Doldrums!
08-14-2019: Drives in the Doldrums Setting
08-15-2019: Mapping The Doldrums
08-21-2019: Terraforming Worlds in The Doldrums Setting
11-02-2019: T5 Has Arrived!
11-07-2019: T5 Book 1 Errata
11-17-2019: T5 Special Shares
12-08-2019: Doldrums – Back to Basics

Posts from 2020
Note: My System of the Day posts began Jan 1st, 2020. These are listed on a separate page, located here.
02-16-2020: Wow. I’m Shocked.
02-16-2020: Revisiting/Restarting the Doldrums Setting
03-01-2020: T5 House Rule – Balkanized World Governments
03-03-2020: Adventure Opportunities?
03-05-2020: Oops
03-11-2020: T5 – An Alternative State Roll Method
04-01-2020: Another T5 Typo
04-05-2020: Insane travel times, and a new house rule?
08-29-2020: Happy Birthday to “The Emperor”

Posts from 2021
You will notice a looong period where I didn’t post anything, 1-1/2 years to be specific. Depression hit me hard during this period, even more than a year after my wife’s passing. It took more time for me to recover, but I’m still on my feet, and back at things in something resembling a normal manner, lol.
My only posts were the continuation of my System of the Day project (posts located Here), and various ramblings, but nothing else Traveller specific.

Posts from 2022
After having almost let this blog and site die, I finally returned to it, attempting to post on a somewhat regular basis, and continuing my System of the Day posts – but now as System of the Week, located Here.
10-04-2022: Thoughts on Jump Drive Variables [Traveller]
10-10-2022: Using something besides Lanthanum for Traveller’s Jump Drives?