When it rains, it pours…

It seems I just can’t get a break with my house project. Then again, I was expecting these sort of issues to occur as well. Perhaps I cursed myself?
Eh, not likely. One has to actually believe in that sort of thing for that effect to happen. lol
Anyway, my basement room remodel has turned into a complete rebuild. Rather than being able to just pour concrete (burying asbestos floor tile, leveling the floor), I now have to take apart all of the woodworking on two walls, remove all of the trim around the room, and completely remove and rebuild the stair rail/bannister. And I found some mold, so I have to replace the lower sections of drywall on two walls. (I had to do that anyway, in order to pour the concrete, so no real loss there.)
There are some silver linings. First, I’ll actually be able to put some foam insulation on the cement walls, which will help with heating and energy use (always a great thing in the state of Minnesota). Second, it will be done Correctly. And third, it will look Nice, once completed. It will make for one heck of a gaming/geek/project room.
Oh well. It happens. Them’s the breaks when being a homeowner, right?
Ok, back to work, lol.

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