It’s been a full year…

February 23rd, 2020. One of the worst days of my life. My dear wife, Lori, passed away after a four month battle with breast cancer, which had invaded her liver. This year has been difficult for everyone, given the current pandemic, but having the love of your life die in front of you trumps almost everything else.
It hurts. It will always hurt. How I’ve managed to hold up without cracking (too much), I can’t say. But as she would have said, “Life is for the living”. It was her favorite saying.

There are a few good things which came out of this situation. My daughter and I have become closer, a little. Lori passed away before the Covid restrictions were set up; we were able hold a remembrance ceremony. She didn’t suffer too much pain, and went quickly once her cancer was determined to be terminal (six days later). And (the least important item) her company’s life insurance policy allowed me to pay off most of the bills, and do some actual needed house repairs and improvements.
I may make or schedule a “System of the Day” post for today. If I don’t, I’m sure you’ll understand.
Thanks once again to everyone for the support and kind words over this last year. Stay safe.Snapchat-1172012608

2 thoughts on “It’s been a full year…

  1. I find posts take my mind off of other things. As long as it isn’t a chore it should be fun and give you a sense of accomplishment. Hang in there, the waters may be rough but in time the seas will still.

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